Re-creation of Damaged Mural

St. Mary

Hamilton, New York

St. Mary’s “Immaculate Conception” mural had suffered damage for many years.  A professional archivist inspected the mural and told the parish they had two choices:

One, the mural could be restored at great expense as the damage was quit severe.

Two, have a reproduction painted of the mural.

The parish chose to look into having a reproduction painted.  They contacted several muralist to bid on the project.    After being awarded the project the parish and I worked together to recreate the 13’ x 18’ mural.  I painted the mural on canvas in my studio (two separate panels), emailing images of my progress and making the changes the parish asked for.  Once the canvases were complete I traveled to Hamilton, NY and installed the mural.

“Thank you for the mural, it is inspirational. My husband and I keep hearing so much positive feedback about it.”  Cynthia (committee leader)