Nativity, Trinity, Death of Joseph

Nativity, Most Holy Trinity, & The Death of Joseph

St. Joseph

Mandan, North Dakota

Nativity 7 wide x 18 high

Most Holy Trinity 9 wide x 18 high

Death of Joseph 7 wide x 18 high

Henning Church and Historical Restoration was awarded the contract to redecorate St. Joseph. I was commissioned to paint the three new sanctuary murals, two banners (one is somewhat visible above the proscenium arch) and to help with some of the general decorating.

The Nativity, and The Death of Joseph were both painted on single pieces of large canvas in the studio. For the Most Holy Trinity we used a three dimensional cross and corpus. Because of this, I painted each figure on a separate piece of canvas. I did this so I could control the placement of each figure in order for the mural and Crucifix to look, and feel cohesive.