The Baptism of Jesus

The Baptism of Jesus

Saint Patrick’s Church

Dickinson, North Dakota

7’ wide x 15’ high

Reproduction, this is my version of a C. Bloch painting.

Saint Patrick’s in Dickinson North Dakota commissioned two murals.  The first is of their namesake Saint Patrick (click here to view).  The second is the one you see here.  “The Baptism of Jesus” serves as a fitting addition to the churches baptismal area.


Both were painted on canvas in my studio.  Then, I traveled to Dickinson and installed the paintings adding a decorative stencil border around both murals as directed by the decorator, Henning Restorations (see picture below).

“Thank you again for helping to make our church so much more than we could have ever imaged!!  You were such a pleasure to work with.”

Janet Williams, Business Manager, St. Patrick, Dickinson ND